Cambridge South Tang Soo Do


Training for all ages and abilities
Classes are designed to cater for boys and girls (typically aged 7 and above), teenagers and adults, of all abilities, shapes, sizes and fitness levels, beginners and those maybe who have some previous martial art experience too. Classes begin with a warm-up to ensure all muscle groups are ready to train and then a variety of different techniques are taught either as a whole class or in smaller groups.

Discipline & Respect
Tang Soo Do is based on the principles of discipline and respect and students learn how to control their hand and foot techniques through pad work, formal patterns and sparring. At more advanced levels they will learn how to handle and defend against various weapons.

Timing, Equipment & Venue
Formal classes start promptly, so all students should arrive 15 minutes before class to register, loosen up and prepare themselves to start on time. To begin with all you need is yourself, wearing suitable loose clothing such as jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. When you are sure Tang Soo Do is for you then we can help you to get an Association white karate suit (do bohk) and belt (dee).

Grading through the belt system
To ensure that the WTSDA maintains a high national and international standard, all students in the Cambridgeshire area are graded by our GB Masters, at grading events held four times each year in Huntingdon.

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