Cherry Hinton Tang Soo Do

Grandmaster W.R. Strong (Kwan Chang Nim, 8th Dan)

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Grandmaster Strong’s martial arts career began in 1964 in Austin, Texas at the Jhoon Rhee Institute of Tae Kwon Do. The martial arts were very new to the US in the 1960’s and out of sheer curiosity about the legendary feats accomplished by martial artists GM Strong signed up. Except for a few years of travel, he has studied the arts since that time.

After moving to Alabama, GM Strong studied Tae Kwon Do for another ten years and achieved the Sam Dan rank. In the early 1980’s, he became a member of the US Tang Soo Do Association and eventually received his Sah Dan Masters rank. Around the mid-1980’s he joined the World Tang Soo Do Association and Tang Soo Do has been his core martial arts since that time. He has also studied hapkido, aikijitsu, aikido and shotokan.

He has been the Chair of the WTSDA Membership Committee, and for over 20 years the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee and member of the Board of Directors.

Outside of Tang Soo Do, he has worked as the geographer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society and is the coordinator of the Alabama Geographic Alliance which is affiliated with the National Geographic Society. He is Professor of Geography and the recent Chair of the Department of Geography at the University of North Alabama.
Grandmaster Strong tested for and was awarded the rank of 8
th Dan in the WTSDA and was presented his rank by Grandmaster Beaudoin at the 2014 World Championships in Greensboro’ North Carolina.