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Master M. Khan (7th Dan)


Master Mujahid Khan is currently recognised as a 7th Dan Instructor in the World Tang Soo Do Association having been most recently promoted at the 2014 World Championships in North Carolina, USA. He has been training in the Martial Arts for over 40 years and has received many awards, including Instructor of the year 1997 plus many other commendations and appreciation awards from the Association. In 2003 he was entered into the Combat Hall of Fame as recognition of his commitment and contributions to the martial arts.

Khans 2014
Master Khan is the regional director for Region #11, which encompasses Western Europe. He is married with three children and the whole family practises Tang Soo Do. His wife Dawn is a Sah Dan Master , daughter Noreen is a Sah Dan Master, daughter Aisha is a Sam Dan, and youngest daughter Safiya is an E Dan.

"Nothing is too difficult for a sound mind."

"I teach every class myself, from basic warm-ups to the end of class", says Master Khan. "I feel that students pay for my instruction and they should receive it."

"Tang Soo Do is NOT a destination, it is a journey."